Austrian Perl Workshop 2005

Performance Data Processing powered by Perl

Performance Data Processing powered by Perl

By Roland Lammel (‎random‎) from
Lightning talk

Perl powers the processing (and pre-processing) of performance data of variuous customers systems.

These include GPRS, UMTS, GSM, Unix sytems, WLAN systems, IN and some others. The power of perl (and it's regex engine) is used to process the whole slew of different formats (most proprietary), ranging from simple text, to line and block format text, cvs-style input and binary data files and in the future also XML.

The data is preprocessed (time correlation, sorting, ...) to allow easy processing, which converts the data into an highly abstracted data-format, also suitable for loading into a highly normalized database schema.

On this database, a reporting tool (Business Objects) is used to generate those nice colorful reports for internal and external use.