Austrian Perl Workshop 2005


Here you can find the status reports sent to mailing list. I only started translating them after the third issue, so #1 - #3 are only available in German. I just dumped the emails into an html-file with minimal processing, so links aren't clickable and formats may be missing. Patches welcome.

Status report #5, 2.6.2005

Invoices etc

Invoices will be available tomorrow (FR). Either via the website or per mail, depending on the ACT developers.

Our bank account will only be available next week, so in the meantime you can transfere money to my private acount (I won't dash off with the money to Brasil, I promise...). More infos soon.


If you want to hack Pugs/Parrot/Perl6 please bring your laptop with WLan and current versions of Pugs and Parrot. Either svn-checkouts or releases. See here: siehe and

Juerd provides us with some users on, the new community box for Perl6 development. I will hand out accounts on feather during the workshop, but you have to provide ID and an email address. Those accounts will be deleted after the workshop.

If you want permanent accounts, please ask Juerd himself:

Oh, and please read the instructions after login carefully and follow them!


Please bring your own local CPAN mirror to save bandwidth. Use CPAN::Mini to genereate your mirror:


There will be an auction after the workshop. We've got several books and other goodies from our sponsors. The book are probably cheaper than in the shops, so if you're interested, bring some extra money!


Talking about money: Any 'gains' won't go into my escape to Brasil but will be donated to Perl6/Parrot development.

Status report #4, 23.5.2005


I need some number to complete our budget, so please either pay using the credit card system on the website, or - if you plan to pay in cash or with a money transfere (our bank account should be set up soon) - send me a short mail how and how much you intend to pay. I especially need this info from people paying the business fee so I can get enought T-Shirts and places at the dinner.

If you need an invoice prior to paying, please fill out the relevant fields in your user profile and inform me.

T-Shirts (for speakers / business)

Please add your T-Shirt size to your user profile. The default color of the shirts will be black, so if you want another color, inform me! (Please choose a dark color, as printing will be done in white)

Post-Workshop Hack-a-thon

Chip and Autrijus will stay at Leo Toetschs place for a week after the workshop. Leo is living about one hour by car outside of Vienna. He said that if /some/ more people would like to join the hacking there, they should send him email to organise stuff.