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Why would you sponsor?

To get real community audience for Perl and OpenSource related topics and present your company or association there. Apart from the sponsorship goodies below, you will definitely get in direct touch with the Perl community meeting the hackers face to face.

What could you sponsor?

There are some items on our list for the workshop, which could be sponsored directly. Of course if it is more convenient for you, we will accept direct funding too.

So, here is a list of things to sponsor:

What you get for your sponsorship?

Our base sponsorship package includes:

Our sponsorship packages

We are offering 3 packages to help you decide on your level of support, these are: Bronze, Silver and Gold! Of course if you have further ideas for for sponsoring, please contact us!

Bronze Sponsor - €250

Bronze sponsors will get the whole base sponsorship package.

Silver Sponsor - €500

Additionally to the base sponsorship package our Silver sponsors will get:

Gold Sponsor - €1500

Additionally to the base sponsorship package our Gold sponsors will get:

Business Tariff

A simple way to support the workshop is to pay the Business Tariff (€75/person).