Austrian Perl Workshop 2006

Austrian Perl Workshop 2006

The Austrian Perl Workshop 2006 took place in the premises of Kapsch CarrierCom on 8th and 9th of June. It was organised by

The workshop offers Perl users of all experiences (from newbie to pumpking):

Here's a journal entry of what happend.

"Star guests"


Talks in german or english should be between 5 and 60 minutes long. They should cover a Perl-releated topic (eg your own or other interesting CPAN modules, testing, develeopment tips, Catalyst, Perl6, ..).

To submit a talk, you have to first login (and register prior to that..). Aferwards click on Submit a talk proposal in the left navbar.

Talk submission deadline is 30th May. You will be informed until 1th June if your talk(s) have been accepted.


We have room for 70 people (including speakers). So register soon (via 'login' or 'New user').


There are three different types of attendees:

Business-Attendees and Speakers (except Lightning-Talk-only Speakers) get a Workshop-T-Shirt and can attend the Speakers Dinner.

The discount is available for students and unemployed.

There might be more goodies...


If you have any questions, ask them either on the mailinglist or send them directly to the organiser: Thomas Klausner, domm AT